Hi, I’m Akio | Singapore Series


I thought, i will fly over to Singapore to talk and motivate people. But in the end, i’m the one who was moved. Stories, Passion, Dreams. In this side of the world where most people chase after money. Where trains, buses, taxis ain’t enough to carry them all at once. But here’s where I also found souls who has a kindle, that were just waiting for a spark to lit them.


Singapore is just 4 hrs away from home. But this journey took me longer.
So long, that it took me 2 years and a lot of struggles to get myself at this point.


I guess, most people would make a Yes in a heartbeat when given this offer. But i was really hesitant at first, because One. I’m an Introvert. Two, im not good at singlish. Three, i deemed myself unworthy of this invitation.

I wasn’t really sure, what topic would i discuss on an International Setting, where multi-cultures unite, where people trade different Markets. from stocks, forex and futures. But i was certain that i won’t be focusing on Technicals like the boss said, but more on Psychology and the intangible things.



OFW’s share something in common. They all have great reasons why they choose to work far from their loved ones. And they also share a common dream, to retire early. It sounds easy, but most of them knew that the road to their dream, would really cost a lot of hardships.

I was boarding a train on my way back to my hotel. When a Family of locals came in, along with an elder whose sitting on a wheelchair being pushed by their nanny. I was staring at the nanny, trying to figure out if she’s a Filipina. But then, my attention was drawn to what her eyes is telling. Her eyes were so cold, that you can feel the burden she’s carrying. It’s a Sunday, that means she doesn’t get her day off.

We’re all going through hardships. Because that’s how life was made. But we can only bounce back and move forward, if we have our Why,


Most people think, life in abroad is better. Big salaries, great opportunity. But if only people knew how hard it really is. I’m not an OFW, neither i work abroad. But i’ve heard this story overtime from OFW themselves. And i’ve witnessed everything first hand. People doing things they don’t want. People hating their jobs, People hating their co-workers. But, they have no choice.

I saw a tutoring center when i was strolling at Lucky Plaza. While Most people were enjoying their day-off. There’s this one Filipina who was taking lessons inside. This is what separate dreamers from doers. While others is doing, the other’s just dreaming. And at the end of the Day, whatever they produced. They both deserved.


They say life is an echo, What you send out, will comeback. What you sow, you reap. And when you radiate and give love, the love comes back to you. That’s how i will define my experience in Singapore. I brought myself there with passage of motivations and inspiration, and i return home bearing more. As the bible said, Iron sharpens Iron. Not only did i learn a lot from the mentors who shared knowledge. But i was also touched by the people who attended.

We might be trading different Markets. But it doesn’t matter. The rules were the same. It doesn’t matter if youre playing forex or stocks. If you don’t have a system to follow. You will never become successful.

Hi to these passionate Filipino Traders in SG! Minionares!

I’m writing this at the airport. And if you’re an OFW who dreams of returning home for good. You have to work harder, Don’t settle as a dreamer, be a doer. Life is an echo. Whatever you sow, you reap.



I took this photo while im eating at a hawker center. If this doesn’t make your eyes teary. You’re non-human. Looking forward to ZFT Live Rift Singapore God Willing.


Thanks be to God for making this talk happen.
Thanks to boss Zee and Cutie Krisshy!
{If you want to trade forex, you might want to follow @Kar Yong and @Kyaw Tun}



  1. Kathniel

    Another inspirational blog..Thank you for always inspiring other people.May God Bless you ..Someday will get there.


  2. quim

    i really need this!


  3. Rhiza

    awww.. so sad eto na ung last?,. wala po bang bagong page/update? lol
    it’s nice to read your blog! everything is so inspiring! ^_^


  4. luiz

    You’re a blessing Sir Akio. I’m looking forward to learning more and imitating your values. GOD BLESS your heart always Sir. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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